Photography and Me

I’m a photographer. I take photos.

My work revolves around humanity with a significant portion focusing on various cultures and people. It extends from the exploration of daily life around the world to documenting humanitarian efforts and human rights.

My intent is to capture the differences and similarities of people and cultures around the word. Cultures, societies and individuals are unique, but as humans there are underlying similarities. As socio-economic development and globalization impacts countries, each of us responds and adjusts, in our own way. Furthermore, we all experience some degree of change ourselves. Photography can help us discover and share the unique ways in which people address their needs and challenges across diverse environments.

I am often enamored by the diversity of cultural differences. Initially, as we discover the uniqueness of the individuals that make up groups, communities and societies, they may seem exotic, intriguing, or even strange. However, my desire is to photograph the beauty of difference and diversity while simultaneously presenting familiar actions, behaviors, emotions and desires.

Hang out a bit, check out some photos, and explore the content in my blog. Learning goes both ways, so leave a comment or drop me a line on the contact page.

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